Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is taken from aerial mapping, tax mapping, and public records and is NOT to be construed or used as a survey or 'legal description'. Only a licensed professional land surveyor can legally determine precise locations, elevations, length and direction of a line, and areas.

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A 1 to 5 digit number. Example: 10462
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Generally entered as last name space first name. Example: Smith John
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1 to 8 digits/characters. Example: 4-17
1 to 8 digits/characters. Example: 1
1 to 8 digits/characters. Example: 4
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1 to 8 digits/characters. Example: PB23-147. (Books 17-30 only)
Street Address:
Full address (house # and street name).
Example: 520 Main St

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  • One major stumbling block is data that looks like a number or a date, but is stored as text. These are difficult to query and get the desired results. A common example: if ACRES is a text field, a query like
    will not return any parcels where ACRES=2 because, alphabetically, "2" is greater than "10" or even "1000000". You can try a query like
    which might work, but if there is any non-numeric data in that field (like "10.0AC"), the query will fail. Then you could try
    but any inconsistency in the data will thwart that also, and the required knowedge of both the raw data and SQL quickly goes far beyond the scope of this document.
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    Known Limitations:
  • Successfully tested with recent versions of FireFox and Chrome, will NOT work with IE9 or earlier.
  • Data needs to be in either Latitude/Longitude or the same coordinate system as the map (generally NAD 83 State Plane Feet).
  • A maximum of 5000 records can be displayed.
  • Labeling more than a few thousand records is not recommended.
  • Labeling is dumb, placed at center of features' extents, no conflict detection.
  • The "Print" function only works with small files: about 100 labels, 2000 points/vertices.

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